How To Manage Your Time Effectively

The challenge of managing time is universal which need to be solved these days. Whether a person is a housewife, field worker or a top executive, invariably everyone faces the same challenge of managing time which has become very crucial for now. While the growing technology considerably reduces the work at office, there is also the growing challenge at work and the complexity due to various factors makes one's managing ability difficult and poses many obstacle in the work environment.

The availability of time is same for all invariably around the globe. It's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all, as such why many finds it difficult to manage time while the talented few manage the time effectively. 

Let us analyze the various factors that affect the time management factor in our day to day life.

Over Commitment

It becomes the regular phenomena for many to commit more than one can do. If you promise more and deliver less it is not regarded well. If you promise less and deliver more, you will be highly regarded by all means. Under normal circumstances, out of enthusiasm one may tend to commit more without considering the time factor and the deadline. Those fraction of seconds when one makes the commitment, considerably affects the time management factor and hence it has to addressed rightly.


The root cause for many of our problem is the delay or postponement of the given task without valid reason. Before we start our work, we must know to prioritize the jobs in front of us. Knowing to give priority for various jobs is really an art. Job priority must be based on our commitment or the need of the said job. Procrastination is the worst factor that affects the time management considerably.

Time Wasters

The innovation and inventions has brought more entertaining aspects to our life. In the past, stage plays and after some time watching movies were forming part of people's entertaining life. The present time making these things trivial and less important by bringing more entertaining aspects like TV, Internet, Gaming etc. We need to allocate time for the said entertaining mode since our available time is very limited and the same to be used properly. This becomes a very crucial factor in affective our time management to a greater extent.

Effective Time Management-Few Tips

To plan our day: We can plan our day earlier to avoid chaos and confusions. In general, Monday will be tough for anybody. If we plan one day before, we can make it easy and find our day highly productive. The amount of work to be completed and time required to complete the same is the important aspects in order to plan our day effectively.

Avoid time wasters: Innumerable entertainment medias invade our living room, thanks to the revolution of television which plays a vital role for the same. The wise often spends less time for these trivial matters and allocate more time for the completion of top priority work that help manage our time effectively.

Avoid over commitment: While accepting any job, care has to be exercised since over commitment and accepting more jobs than it is practical and possible will considerably affect the time factor.

The magic of prioritization: Learn to prioritize the jobs. In this fast world, we generally cannot avoid the jobs that comes on our way. Yet we can prioritize by giving importance to the urgent one to complete first, while postponing the work that of trivial value. 

Take good care of your health: 'Health is Wealth' is the great saying. A sound health will help us to do the work with involvement thereby help us to complete the task swiftly. A healthy body caters to healthy mind and help us to manage our time effectively.

To manage time effectively and productively is the universal and down to earth requirement these days. This thinking helps us to manage the time to a greater extent. The problem of managing time differs according to the complexity of the given task, and differs from person to person. The above techniques can be applied according to the need of the individual and success is assured if rightly applied.     

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