The Winner Shares Everything

To win is the dream of all. To many it is a distant dream. No one starts their day to fail, every one wants to win, atleast they think so. Winning becomes easier when one understands the advantages of a winner.

Generally the winners are often adored by all.  To the wise, winning is the way of life, while many sits and wonder about the same. Then winner gets the positive energy which keeps him in positive state of mind. It works as a propeller to inject  positive ideas  and makes winning regular.

The winner wins twice, first he mentally wins, visualizes his success earlier. Then he gets the assured success.
This is possible when the one realizes the huge and enormous benefits of winning.

The winner gets more followers, he or she surrounded by positive waves that confirms the winning regular. Futher the impact of winning elevates one to the level of a leader.

Let us summarise the behaviour of winners.

1.The winner was earlier just an ordinary person like any other.

2.He or She created the positive state of mind to win and they won.

3.The winners are the dreamers, they dream about winning.

4.The winner has a passion and fire to win.

5.Winners often focus in  the given task, they have the determination to compleate the given work with perfection.

6.The winner has no expectation about the reward, they knew the reward is inbuilt and it will follow automatically.

7.The winner continues to be a winner by sharing the secrets of success. 

8. True winners are considerate, kind hearted and reasonable. They win casually , and make the elusive succeess as assured success.

9.The winners are leaders as they lead by example.

10. Winner believes themselves, radiates confidence in what ever they do.

11.Winners are clear thinkers,  not inflluenced by any body's opinion .

12.The winners earlier failed number of times, though not failed mentally, digested all the rejection and converted the same into success.

Dear friends, create a mental picture of winning, its advantage and accolades one gets out of it, will make you successful  always.

Be a winner and see the winning before you, make up your mind to win. Create the habit of winning, because we are born to win.        


that's life! said...

'True winners are considerate, kindhearted and reasonable' - hear, hear!

I also agree that 'winning' needs to become a habit. Set yourself up to succeed, rather than to fail.

Good analysis, good advice.

saxinsam said...

#9 -- "Leaders win when they lead by example" -- very true!

You can never tell someone to do something that you're not willing to do yourself.

Rhianna said...

Fantastic post, such wise words you speak