Managing Work

When it comes to work many of us used to lament about the non availability of time. How funny it is, isn't it? In my honest opinion, it is the same time we all have, and how few manage their work perfectly!  Let's try to arrive at a proper solution for this, by analyzing various factors relevant to this topic.

For any individual or organization, work mainly denotes office work. Under the normal circumstances, household work remains same and it will be the regular routine everyday. When it comes to office, depending on the position and responsibility, the complexity of the work varies. Whether it is a CEO or a sub staff, pending work is the common terminology for all. It is a sort of vicious cycle, when one enter into this segment of pending work, it is hard to come out of it. It is like a trap.Why and how the pending work arises? 

If you happen to be a part of a busiest organization, the very thought occurs in your mind is  'How to complete the given task within the allotted time?' The apparent truth is, we all have 24 hours time universally and almost all the offices have 8 hours per day work pattern. Depends upon the nature, product and turnover of any organization, the work becomes less or more. No matter how much  load of work an individual may get, with certain amount of planning and prioritization,  one can excel by completing the work on time without any fuss.

The following seven steps will help you avoid procrastination and  empower you to manage your work in style.

1.Differentiate the work and non-work
First, identify a work and non-work, so that any non work can be eliminated without giving any thought on it. In this way, we could save our precious time to a greater extent.
2.Write your days work to be completed neatly in a diary
If we really want to complete all our work within the day, we must first of all arrive the total number of work to be completed for the day. This is a sort of agenda, which will give us direction to proceed further. Have a dairy to note these on daily basis to take necessary action on it.

3.Prioritize your work by identifying which is most urgent
The most important function after arranging out work to be completed list is prioritization of our work. Yes all work may not be of equal importance to be completed quickly. Just identify which one is most urgent or cause certain impact if not done immediately.
4.Keep a file or folder for important work related papers
The work related papers and proof which are utmost important to preserve as they are the supporting for the work to be completed. Even though the work is completed, if the supporting is missing, will cause a big problem. Just allot a file or folder to keep the important work related paper for immediate reference. This will save our time considerably.
5.Take action-start doing work as per work sheet
To take action is the very important function. Unless otherwise we start the work, how we could ever complete the work. With the help of the clear worksheet, one can start  the  work and complete the same with peace of mind.
6.Inform your authorities about your needs, relevant to the work
It always happen for most of us, the work gets stuck mainly for want of certain stationary. other important items.Never hesitate to inform your higher authority or immediate boss about this, which will avoid further confusion on this.

7. Prepare a work completion statement at the end of the day

It is the final step, which will give you the summary of work completed and prompt you to get ready to face the next day's work. After having completed the days work, it becomes easy to list out the work to be completed next day. You will have the great confidence to face the next day's work with pleasure. 

These are all easy to do jobs, and doesn't require any special skill to carry out. Instead of getting confused, it is always advisable to take constructive action that results into effective completion of work which ultimately will render  peace of mind at the end of the day.
                                              A management article by Ayubkhan.U  


Zunnur said...

A good article about managing work. The tips would certainly help to get your work organized but it depends much on what's your occupation and how's your work environment. Most of work management articles available suits executives who work independently in their office, managing paperworks.

Blackevi said...

being a management student i like ur words here and like to read more on it.
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