Looking at the world, where the life is full of chaos
O’ Lord, I pray, you are the provider of mankind
When man thinks himself great and knowledgeable
It is You, who knew the time, when he fails to use his knowledge.

The presumption of people about life is often contradictory.
For some, life is a doom of many colored glass!
And for others, life is a tale of confusion and noisy!
Always life becomes the one, as man think of.

Knowledge is a tool, like a sharp edged knife
How you are going to use, it is up to you!
Love and compassion is the refinement of knowledge.
Believe it, true knowledge shows the path of love.

For some, knowledge is power, for others, knowledge is wealth
Few dreams that knowledge could provide everything
It is the learned, who says knowledge is life
For the wise, true knowledge leads to the path of God.

This world’s wealth is the gift of Almighty God
Is not to make the few rich, but for the needy and deserving
The constant search of happiness by mankind
Is like searching the air, which is everywhere!

O mankind, remove the greediness deep inside your heart.
Live in contentment with what you have
Thank the good God for the richness bestowed up on
Richness is the state of mind; retain it to win, if you can.

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U