Manage yourself

Self Management Principles-rarely practiced 

In this world of technological advancement and with the invention of various gadgets, even managing the vast organization becomes easy now a days. Depends upon the available resources, it is easy for any one in charge of a group, team or department to perform better in their respective field.

Well, the very difficult task for the vast majority of the people is to manage self. A friend of mine was very keen on buying the latest books and journals on varies relevant topics. In due course, he started buying more than the actual requirement. This resulted only confusion and chaos as to what book to read first or how to create time for so many to read. This is just an example. There are ample matters where people struggling to manage themselves. For the very effective self management, I humbly request the readers to follow the given points.

1. We all have 24 hours a day

For non performance, many used to grumble and say its because of lack of time. But where is the time gone. All of us in this world, who ever it is, got 24 hours a day only. How few got time and many others are not. The main reason is how one utilizes ones available time that really matters. If you use your time effectively by making day, week, month and year planning, you will never get stumbled for want of time.

2. Why don't we get up early

It is a sort of New year resolution. Many of our resolution becomes long forgotten or left in the air until we start practicing the same. If we cultivate the habit to get up early in the morning or if we ever try the same, one can definitely taste the benefits of its fruit. Some of the benefits are

a. If you get up early in the morning,you get some extra time; one can make use of it effectively

b. you can relax as you need not have to hurry in the morning due to lack of time

c. the early morning (out side) is wonderful, we just can't express in words

d. you can get tonnes of  pure oxygen if you go for a walk, which is good for health, to unwind

e. do get up early, it  isn't cost much, except your will to get up 

3.What you buy really matters.

Human want are unlimited. But the real need is often very limited. There is a vast difference between want and need.We many of us quiet often caught in between our wants and needs. Give a thought, why one has to buy anything which is rarely used or not at all used by oneself. It only gets piled up and occupies our space, sits on our head and eats our peace of mind. Will you ever buy a pain?

4.Financial resources are invaluable.

Money is the mother of creating all good and bad situations. There are three acts needed to avert money crunch. Make the money, save the money and grow the money. We live in the era of self created overheads. Even if you don't make money, nevertheless you have to pay for your expenses. Many knew this by themselves. Many are learned to understand this concept. Some are even financial wizards. The question is the aspect of application by oneself. Do we really apply what we know? The effective application of this concept will really help us keeping away from  financial disorders. 

5.Your worry cannot change the scene

The score of the people often spending worrying and wondering for trivial things. What is going to happen by worrying? Think what will happen if you don't worry. Many things that happened in our life are decided by how we respond to them. Take the problems one by one, face and arrest the problems one by one. While many of our problems can be solved, some cannot be, then why worry? Worry cause nothing except deteriorating one's own health.

6.There is a power beyond our vicinity

There is no relevance between money and happiness. Money is just a tool to take care of our material needs. Money cannot buy happiness at any cost. The key factor for our happiness is our emotions. The one who is emotionally balanced is certainly a successful person in all counts. The accumulation of wealth  often end up with euphoria initially, and later causing fear, which generates more fear than the actual. We must believe there is a power which we cannot see but feel. Mental satisfaction, sense of achievement and freedom from all worries and debts liberates us. Help others, help the society, and live for social cause, gives you real happiness which money cannot. Even if we don't have money, we can offer our valuable services to the people who are needy and deserving. 

These points are easy to understand and hard to practice, but its worth practicing. 


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