Leader vs. Manager-A Poem

If you ever have the responsibility to manage
Then manage well, avoid the wrongdoings
'Cause a leader has the burden to care
Its all pain not a pleasure, until he fulfills perfectly

Every child is dependent on its mother
Every manager must take care of the employees
Managing work is not easy, make it a point
Love and compassion makes people work

This world evolves out of new hope everyday
Give hope to your dependents who really trust you
They believe you to get the bright future
Do good to them, create the future for them

To be a leader, first be a role model
Keep your promise, show them the right way
To get them work, do your work first
Show them that you're no different from them

True leader is humble, has wisdom
He choose to work and the team works
Wears the smile a charming one indeed
He inspires through his deeds and the world prospers

                                                             A Poem by Ayubkhan.U


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Bryan said...

nice poem AYUBKHAN

Aluminium said...

Ayub, Very good poem on Manager and Leader.... Since, I am doing the same thing, I can understand, what it is!!!!

Garth said...

Well done

XeBii Mj said...

Ayub, Very good poem